Represents many-to-many relationships between intents and commitments or events that partially or full satisfy one or more intents.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type Satisfaction {
  • # The amount and unit of the work or use or citation effort-based action. This is
  • # often a time duration, but also could be cycle counts or other measures of
  • # effort or usefulness.
  • effortQuantity: Measure
  • id: ID!
  • # A textual description or comment.
  • note: String
  • # The amount and unit of the economic resource counted or inventoried.
  • resourceQuantity: Measure
  • # A commitment or economic event fully or partially satisfying an intent.
  • satisfiedBy: EventOrCommitment!
  • # An intent satisfied fully or partially by an economic event or commitment.
  • satisfies: Intent!
  • }