An action verb defining the kind of event, commitment, or intent. It is recommended that the lowercase action verb should be used as the record ID in order that references to Actions elsewhere in the system are easily readable.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type Action {
  • id: ID!
  • # Denotes if a process input or output, or not related to a process.
  • inputOutput: String
  • # A unique verb which defines the action.
  • label: String!
  • # added by cpub
  • note: String
  • # added by cpub
  • onhandEffect: String
  • # The action that should be included on the other direction of the process, for
  • # example accept with modify.
  • pairsWith: String
  • # The effect of an economic event on a resource, increment, decrement, no
  • # effect, or decrement resource and increment 'to' resource.
  • resourceEffect: String!
  • }