Input EconomicResource type used when sending events to setup initial resource recordings

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input EconomicResourceCreateParams {
  • # (`ResourceSpecification`) The primary resource specification or definition of an
  • # existing or potential economic resource. A resource will have only one, as this
  • # specifies exactly what the resource is.
  • conformsTo: ID
  • # (`EconomicResource`) Used when a stock economic resource contains items also
  • # defined as economic resources.
  • containedIn: ID
  • # (`SpatialThing`) The current place an economic resource is located. Could be at
  • # any level of granularity, from a town to an address to a warehouse location.
  • # Usually mappable.
  • currentLocation: ID
  • # The uri to an image relevant to the resource, such as a photo, diagram, etc.
  • image: URI
  • # (`ProductBatch`) Lot or batch of an economic resource, used to track forward or
  • # backwards to all occurrences of resources of that lot. Note more than one
  • # resource can be of the same lot.
  • lot: ID
  • # An informal or formal textual identifier for an item. Does not imply uniqueness.
  • name: String
  • # A textual description or comment.
  • note: String
  • # Tags/Categories in a taxonomy, linked to resourceClassifiedAs:
  • # References one or more concepts in a common taxonomy or other classification
  • # scheme for purposes of categorization or grouping.
  • tags: [ID!]
  • # Sometimes called serial number, used when each item must have a traceable
  • # identifier (like a computer). Could also be used for other unique tracking
  • # identifiers needed for resources.
  • trackingIdentifier: String
  • }