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ReflowOS instance installation & configuration

These instructions are for setting up the core ReflowOS instance.

Step 0 - Install Dependencies & Prepare Environment#

  1. Make sure you have Docker, a recent docker-compose (which supports v3 configs), and make installed

  2. Ensure that the docker daemon is running on your host.

  3. Clone the ReflowOS git repositorya

git clone
cd reflow-os

Step 1 - Configure the instance#

The app needs some environment variables to be configured in order to work.

In the conf/ directory, there are following default config files:

  • bonfire-public.env: default base configuration
  • script to generate passwords and secrets

MAIL_DOMAIN and MAIL_KEY are needed to configure transactional email, sign up at Mailgun and then configure the domain name and key.

Step 2 - Install#

Build & Run ReflowOS using Docker containers#

  1. Build & run the docker image with console running in shell
$ make

Step 3 - Test#

By default, the backend listens on port 4000 (TCP), so you can access an example front end with your browser pointing to http://localhost:4000/ (if you are on the same machine).

For further up to date build and configuration options please see the file in the reflow-os git repository.

The WeLoop frontend is developed in a seperate repository.

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