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Create and manage your public inventory

With ReflowOS, every participant manages their personal inventory, which contains all their available resources, correlated with a set of meaningful data to help describe and categorize them.

Resources in ReflowOS can be produced or consumed, offered or requested, transformed or used, traded, and even just cited in other processes.

Every activity performed on a resource can affect it in different ways, therefore it is essential that each resource is updated accordingly after every transformation, and showed with the updated information.

Such updates are reflected in each participant's inventory, that will allow the user to search, filter and view all the resources.

The user can also enter see details for each resource: like dimensions, quantities, categories and the related material passport for each of them.

Each participant only has access to their own inventory. The only way other participants can discover available resources is by looking at published proposals (offers).


Check some sample queries and mutations that can be usefull for this scenario

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